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Hi, I'm Arpita!
Throughout my whole wedding planning process, everyone would say to me "there will always be those little things that go wrong that no one else you will notice, don't worry about those!" But seriously, isn't it the little things that you've so meticulously planned that truly make the big day come together?


In planning my own wedding, I had hired a coordination team for partial planning to help as I had felt very overwhelmed planning two ceremonies and a reception in one day. Needless to say, the coordination team did not meet my expectations as the service was not structured in a manner that appealed to my personality. There seemed to be lack of organization and communication, key things in any client service. I feel very thankful for this experience because it pushed me to start my own company focused on making sure that the big day for the bride, groom, families, and all involved is as stress free as possible! I love seeing the big day come together and working with the couples that are trusting me to get the little things together.

Having been in the client services industry for over 10 years, I guarantee








to ensure that your BIG DAY is flawless!

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