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A HUGE thank you to our brides and grooms that trusted us and gave us the honor of working with them leading up to and on their big day!

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Hardik & Suneri

Arpita and her team were accommodating right from the start of working together. TLT had a way of understanding the stress of wedding planning without adding to it. Arpita’s calm disposition is so comforting not only the day of but in the final hour of planning as well. As an independent person myself, I started out wedding planning thinking I would not need a day-of planner but we were quick to learn how much they have to offer. TLT asks vendors the right questions from experience, knows the subtleties in event planning and personnel and anticipates any mishaps. They take care of any little things that slip through the cracks and although it sounds simplistic, anyone who has planned a wedding before knows it’s not. They are hard working, always positive, extremely attentive and have the right focus in mind - the family and occasion. Thank you to Arpita and the TLT crew for making sure the last thing Hardik and I were thinking about on our special day was anything going wrong, we are so grateful!!

Neel & Trisha

Arpita was a very critical piece to our whole wedding and wedding planning process. I am not sure what we would have done without her. Numerous things out of anyone's control went wrong during our wedding weekend but Arpita made sure to not let that effect the wedding at all. I am so happy that we chose to go with Arpita to help coordinate our big day. She is very trustworthy and such a calming presence throughout the whole process. If things went wrong she always knew what to do and how to handle it. She is extremely detail oriented and makes sure that everything the bride and groom ask of her is completed in a timely and orderly fashion. 

Leading up to the wedding Arpita had as many phone calls with us as we needed in order to feel comfortable with the planning process. She would walk us through what would happen on the big day and all the little details that we had to have planned. She helped us realize that there were certain things to plan that we didn't think needed to be planned. Had she not thought of every little detail our big day would have been very chaotic.


After the wedding some of my bridesmaids came up to me and said my wedding was the only one that was on time, which is unheard of at Indian weddings. As a result one of my bridesmaids hired her as her coordinator for her big day! This is the biggest compliment that you picked the right vendor! Arpita is an amazing wedding planner and I highly suggest her to all my friends and family. 

Anand & Jigna

Thank you so much for all of your hard work througout out entire wedding process. You were on top of everything and made both Anand & I feel relaxed for the wedding day! We could not have asked for a better planner. You thought of everything! The day only happened because of you! Thank you so much for everything!

Abhi & Melanie

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything! You went above and beyond what we expected! As the festivities have wrapped up, all our friends and family have been telling us how perfect the whole weekend was and how everything was executed perfectly and that was all you! We love you so much! Thanks for being so amazing! The wedding would def not have happened without your help!

Puja & Shirin

It is a blessing when your wedding planner treats you like family and you feel comfortable to do the same.


Our wedding planning process was difficult and emotional; Puja has a Type A personality and we ended up pushing our wedding date several times due to the pandemic. With much grace and a few wine night zoom calls, Arpita and Dhara were able to put our minds at ease as we arrived to our wedding week.


Arpita always made herself available to answer our calls at any time of the day. It wasn’t easy planning a wedding during times of uncertainty but Arpita made sure we felt comfortable throughout the process. We were her first pandemic wedding and she did her research, collaborated with other vendors and provided us with recommendations along the way.


The wedding day went as perfectly as we could have imagined. We were on time, earlier in fact for some aspects of the schedule and not stressed out about what was going on around us. The team even coordinated ‘The Little Things’ that we envisioned throughout the day.


We wouldn’t have been able to plan our wedding and enjoy the day without this team. We are so thankful for all of the time, effort, professionalism and poise executed by Arpita, Dhara and Bianca.


Thank you for relieving our tensions, for always reminding calm and collected and assimilating into our family as you allowed us into yours. We love you!

Melanie & Neil

I knew I was going to go with The Little Things by Arpita (TLT) as soon as we had our first call. During our call, there was something so warm and welcoming about her personality that made it the easiest decision to pick Arpita as our day-of coordinator. I wanted someone with experience that knew how to handle 2 different ceremonies on the same day and little did I know, Arpita went through it herself for her own wedding. That made me feel more comfortable with her from the beginning.


Arpita was extremely organized and very thorough throughout the entire process and had spreadsheets for everything. We had many calls to talk through the final details and she was very responsive to calls, texts, and e-mails. She knew exactly how to deal with parents who asked way too many questions and always remained calm, especially when a pandemic decided to change all of our plans right before the original wedding date. Arpita and her team were so accommodating throughout COVID and still made our wedding the greatest experience ever.


The wedding day itself ran so smoothly on time with 2 ceremonies and reception on top of 3 outfit changes and 3 different hair and makeup looks and the TLT team made sure we got everywhere on time. Kim, Kaushal, and Arpita were fabulous on the day of and were able to keep us all very calm regardless of what occurred. They went above and beyond including hiding me in bedsheets so no one would see me at the hotel or venue. They made sure Neil and I never ran into each other and communicated with each other very well.


Our bridal party was very happy with Kim and Kaushal with their open communication and calm demeanor on the day of. In my eyes, our wedding day went seamlessly, and I couldn’t have been happier with our choice in choosing The Little Things by Arpita. I highly recommend them for day-of-coordination services!

Eric & Roma

We could not be happier in choosing Arpita and the TLT team.


Arpita went above and beyond in the days leading up to our wedding. With less than a week to our wedding, our decorator unfortunately had to cancel and we were left scrambling. Arpita immediately stepped up and reached out to her network of wedding vendors in the area. She found us a new decorator within a day, and the situation went from being a potentially disastrous one to a complete success.


Arpita was calm, reassuring, and her positive attitude guided us into our big day. In both our meetings and on the day of, Arpita and her team’s attention to detail and professionalism was invaluable. With so many moving pieces involved at a wedding, we were glad to not have to worry. We counted on TLT, and they absolutely delivered. We thank them so much, and highly recommend them to any future couples!

Marc & Sunita

I think everyone needs TLT - I don't even know where to begin. I knew from our initial conversation that you were a MUST HAVE for our wedding. You made us feel so special and so CALM. I discovered during wedding planning that I am very Type A and you and your team made sure that everything that needed to happen did and MORE. You were more than accommodating through three reschedules (thanks, COVID!) and went above and beyond to navigate unchartered territory with us and honestly, helped us stay positive and focused on what truly mattered despite postponing it over a year from our original date.


It was really important for us to have a weekend of events that catered to both of our families and you kept that in mind throughout the entire process, providing insight from your own experiences and always respecting our opinions/wishes/etc.


The weekend went smoothly because of the diligent prep work, live walkthrough and vendor coordination and the fact that your team just KNOWS how to handle things. Baraat car cancels day before wedding - Arpita has recommendations for Plan B within minutes. Working on a tight timeline - extra diligence in making sure all involved parties know where to be and when. Bride gets hangry if she doesn't eat - food at the ready to avoid meltdowns. I'm sure there were "hiccups" throughout the weekend - but the best part was we noticed NONE of them because you/Kaushal were there to make sure we were living in the moment.


You guys made ALL the difference in allowing us and our families to enjoy the weekend and we are SO grateful. I could go on because thank you just doesn't cut it!

Kripa & Devesh

We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you, Kim, and Kaushal for a job well done!! We had an incredible wedding, and you and your team kept us on schedule and worry free on the day of to make sure it all came together!


From the start, with the COVID rescheduling you were so flexible, understanding, and calm during a time with so much uncertainty. The wedding planning process is not a walk in the park, but we appreciated your vendor recommendations and open availability to help us navigate through it.


On the day of, you and your team were superstars! As you've said, it's really "the little things"-I remember I just mentioned once, I would love a cold brew and next thing I knew you had two in hand for us! TLT managed every situation that came up from the baraat car battery dying or vendors running behind schedule with such a calm poise that we didn't even know until it was already handled!


Moreover, you made sure we had time to take in the moments, enjoy with our friends & family, and have a bite of the food without feeling rushed. The personalities you surround yourself with on the big day are so important, and we are very happy we chose you! Highly, highly recommend The Little Things for day of coordination, you won't regret it!!

Nitasha & Tejas

What can I say about Arpita and her team?


When I was looking for a day of planner I was looking for an extension of myself- someone who could take my visions and make them come to life without trying to change them or make them something else. I was looking for someone who wouldn’t yell at our guests or make their presence overbearing to the point that it was felt. It’s easy sometimes for a planner to take the event as ones own and make it something different than the couple had anticipated. Arpita from day one always wanted to make sure we weren’t sacrificing our vision with any itinerary decisions we made together. She remained calm in the face of any last minute change. Her team was kind and available, from fixing last minute outfit dilemmas to giving us water bottles when we didn’t know we were thirsty. She held as many meetings and phone calls as we needed to make it right, to make it perfect.


My husband and I made it through the wedding weekend as at peace and happy as we could have been and that’s because Arpita and her team shielded us from any unnecessary worry or stress in an organized, strategic way. So much so, that every guest let us know how incredibly planned and smoothly orchestrated our weekend events were.


For brides who think they can do this whole wedding thing without assistance, think again, and then think Arpita. <3

Dhruv & Yefi

Arpita was amazing to work with throughout the whole process. She kept everything moving smoothly on the day of the wedding. We had a last minute change of plans due to weather; Arpita and her team communicated promptly to all of our vendors and she was able to rearrange the timeline to accommodate the change. She handled everything behind the scenes so we could enjoy our special day stress-free. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Vrunda & Bansi

HIGHLY recommend! TLT was professional, proactive, detail-oriented and accommodating to our needs from the very beginning, making our wedding day stress-free for us and our family. TLT was organized and clear in their communications with our vendors, allowing for things to run smoothly on the day of. TLT does an outstanding job managing all the moving parts and anticipating potential delays, building in appropriate buffer times to ensure thing are running on schedule. Dhara and her team are just what you need - from making sure we had food and water throughout the day to resolving any last minute surprises, they will take care of it so you don’t have have to!

Peter & Sonali

I don't know WHAT I would have done without TLT supporting me during my double-ceremony Jewish Indian wedding. They were absolute angels from the beginning and kept me, my husband, and our families organized and on top of things as we stayed in contact with our vendors and venue. My bridal attendant, Annabelle, was unbelievably helpful, sweet, and supportive the whole day. During the wedding itself, every member of the staff checked in on us, made sure we ate, and hyped us up! We will never forget our experience and highly recommend TLT for all your wedding needs. They made my wedding a success!

Aeisha & Nathan

Hiring TLT was the best decision we could have made, working with the whole team was such a pleasure and everything was done perfectly. Starting frompre-wedding to post-wedding, they were there to support every part and at any time of the day.


Abira and Annabelle did so amazing with the whole weekend and I am just so grateful I had them all by my side because it took off so much stress. We talk about how we had hours in between the ceremony and reception just to be with each other.

Both my husband and I were able to enjoy our wedding while not having to lift a finger. I have received so many compliments about how well our whole wedding weekend was.

Needhy & Amar

Arpita and her team were indispensable to the success of our wedding day! Not only was her guidance spot on throughout the planning process, but her team’s execution was flawless on the day of! I barely noticed that the bridal attendants were with us all day, except when they would intervene to hand us exactly what we needed. A team member even ran to Macy’s before the reception to get my brother tux shoes since he forgot to pack his. They were there to put out every fire, which let us stay calm to enjoy our day.

We also decided to be guinea pigs for the new TLT signage offerings, and they did not disappoint. Our signs were unique and adorable, and TLT always found a way to make our visions a reality!

I cannot recommend TLT highly enough.

Thank you for your kind words!

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